7 Sexy Games You Can Play Any Time (With Stuff You Already Have At Home)

7 Sexy Games You Can Play Any Time (With Stuff You Already Have At Home)

Now you can’t make any excuses – spice your sex life with any of these sexy games.

Imagine this, you came home from work – it’s already 6 PM – you are tired and exhausted. On the living room table you notice two things that are usually not there – a cup of warm drink (tea, by the looks of it) and a plate with few ice cubes. Before you manage to ask anything, your partner comes, starts unzipping your pants and goes down. Can you guess what follows?

If you can’t guess what – keep reading and if you can – still keep reading as we have more great ideas.

We call them – no excuse sexy games, if you have time, there is nothing that can stop you.

Before we get to the list – we published cute and sexy Are You Kinky? test – give it a go! It won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Frat Party

A very simple game with only one rule – the goal is to have sex in every room in the house and you are allowed to orgasm in the last room. This game requires absolutely nothing to play except some free time and good will.

Treasure Hunt

You know how it’s said – X marks the spot – imagine a spot on your body and your bae has to kiss you all over your body until he/ she finds the right spot.

You have to be honest and tell your partner when he gets it…. or you don’t – to keep them kissing..

Naughty Cards

You will need a deck of standard playing cards for this one.

Each color represents one action:

  • Diamonds – kissing;
  • Hearts – massage;
  • Spades – hand stimulation;
  • Clubs – oral;

The game is simple – you take turns picking cards and treating each other to the action you picked. The number on the card represents how many seconds you have to do the action you picked up. That’s it!

Very Hot Freezer

Prepare ice cubes and warm water (tea?).

Have a sip or two of warm tea, start giving oral to your partner for a couple of seconds, then stop, put an ice cube in your mouth for a couple of seconds then get back to oral. Keep switching!

You can also use an ice cube and slowly caress your partner’s body with it while you’re doing it. Take turns with this one, or one does it till your partner orgasms and then you switch.

Do As I Say

Practice your dominant and submissive side!

Set up a timer for 5/ 10 minutes and give orders to your partner and then switch up. To spice this simple sexy game you can use ties (to tie your partner or use it as a blindfold) or/ and use a belt as an improvised whip (be careful and thoughtful, don’t hurt each other!).

Do It Like A Porn Star

We do it in sessions – one day my lady picks a porn movie, we start to cuddle and then try out things we like from the movie. I pick a movie for the next session!

You might have a new favorite position after a couple of sessions.

The Position Challenge

Go to APP store and download any app with sex positions. The goal is to try as many different sex positions in one session and set a record. You can always try to beat the record you set last time. Ready, set, go!

Which one are you playing this evening?

For instance, play one of the sexy games every other or every three nights and watch out, few of these games are addictive!

Read our XXXopoly review for more sexy game ideas.

Let us know what you think.

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