BOOK REVIEW – Come As You Are

BOOK REVIEW – Come As You Are


Genre: self-help
SL mark: 4


This Friday we present you another book from self-help genre and another New York Times bestseller. We like those, don’t we?

We are going to start off with a few words about the author.

Emily Nagoski is Wellness Education Director and Lecturer at Smith College, where she teaches Women’s Sexuality. She has taught generations about human sexuality, relationships and communication, stress management and sex education.

Her most noticeable work is Come As You Are and The Come As You Are Workbook. As well as guides for Ian Kerner’s and her own blog – The Dirty Normal.

What is it about?

Come As You Are is an exploration of how women’s sexuality works, teaching us that every woman has unique sexuality and that women must never judge themselves based on others’ experiences. The idea behind her work is that we are all made from the same basic parts, just each of us has them organized differently. Furthermore, there is no normal since we are all normal.

She breaks down all things we know about sex, desire, and drive. She continues to explain that sex always happens in a context and those complications of everyday life influence the context. Emily gives us a description of how our brain and our lives work together so they could create desire. Even more, she explains how we can get more pleasure and confidence in our relationships and with our sex life.

This book could give you an explanation about ups and downs of your sex life, or insecurities you feel and give you the ideas what you could do about it.

Although her work is backed by research, real and actual science, her writing is easy, in a conversational style. Emily wrote this book in empowering, encouraging and fun manner. This book is usually framed as a book for women, but my personal opinion is that everyone should read it. There are lessons all of us need to learn.


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Be sure to add this amazing book to your reading list.

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