BOOK REVIEW – 5 Love Languages

BOOK REVIEW – 5 Love Languages


Genre: Self-help
SL mark: 4.5/5


Hi and welcome to the first out of many short book reviews. We’ll try to do our best to give you your next reading idea.

The first book we are going to recommend is Gary Chapman’s ”5 Love Languages – The Secret To Love That Lasts”. Since it came out, over 11 million copies were sold. Also, this book is New York Times number one bestseller for 8 years in a row. Those facts tell a lot about a book, so I won’t be writing a lot about its qualities.

Let’s rather talk about content.

The main idea, explained by the author, is that everyone speaks their own love language and that, if we want to choose love we should try and speak the love language of our partner.

We are introduced to each of love languages, one by one and by ideas how to ”talk” in each language. Also, we read about real-life stories about couples whose relationship has gone sideways and how implementing stuff from this book helped them. But don’t get me wrong, this book is not only for those relationships that need help, but it’s also for everyone. Even if your partner and you, both feel satisfied, this book can make your relationship even better.

It is full of humoristic references, written in a simple and practical way, with no psychoanalyzing or other hard words included. We’d say do it, read this amazing book and believe me, you won’t be sorry either for the time or money you spent on it.

His 5 Love Languages book has editions for children, teens, men and women, and even for singles. Some places online list it as a Christian literature, but I have to say there are minimal references to religion so please, don’t let that stop you.

Author, Gary Chapman, is an award-winning author, speaker, and counselor. He devoted his life to people and for helping them form better and more lasting relationships. Besides this outstanding book, he is also a director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants.

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We hope you enjoy this book as much as we did. If you read it, what do you think, what is your love language?

Go ahead and share our review, it is in everyone’s best interest!

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