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This week’s recommendation does not include a typical board game.

It is not a game you would buy for your kids, but if you are looking for a perfect gift for your significant other, you came to the right place.

The game is designed for two people and for a heterosexual audience. Although, it could be modified for non-heterosexual relationships.

As you might guess from the name, it is similar to Monopoly. Players get money which they use to buy properties and once someone lands on your property he/she must perform a sexual act.

How does XXXopoly work?

From the rule book “The object of XXXopoly is to undergo a series of sexual tasks in order to enhance your orgasm, relationship, and communication”. And, in continuation, they say, the game has no clear endgame rules, moreover, players mutually decide to end the game when the passion has moved beyond gameplay.

Our advice is to play the game with someone you are comfortable having sex with. This game is not easy to scale down, especially for relationships where sex is not a common act.

The game itself – board, player pieces, cards are well made. Money is made of cheap-ish paper, but nothing that you did not see playing Monopoly.

We enjoyed playing the game for the first time and to be honest, not just the first time. I’ve heard some people don’t like Monopoly, complaining that it gets boring, but it is not the case with this one. We’d say that it is much different from other sex games because it is not just pre-sex activity. It is more addition that can be played during the whole sexual act. Whole gameplay was very hot, especially when other side ran out of money and had to bargain through a situation.

It could get boring after you replay it enough times in a short time. But even then, I think it would be fun to play it again after some time. Anyhow, playing this game was a very exciting experience and I have to say, we’re definitely doing it again.

We are recommending it to you, as we are sure that both of you are going to be happy and pleased.

Spices of Lust - Recommendation - XXXopoly - Box


Spices of Lust - Recommendation - XXXopoly - Adult board game


Spices of Lust - Recommendation - XXXopoly - Adult board game - Unboxing (

Would you play it, tell us what do you think? Did you play any similar games that you would recommend?

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