KEGEL BALLS – How To Guide

KEGEL BALLS – How To Guide

Are you curious about how to use Kegel balls during foreplay and intercourse?

You already know how to do Kegel exercises; you even know how to choose your first Kegel ball. Do you want to know how to use these balls to get your exercise to the next level?  Well, you have come to the right place.

First of all, I want you to know that Kegel balls are meant to be inserted in the vagina ONLY. They are not the same as anal beads. If you want something that is similar to Kegel balls but inserted anally go for anal beads.




          1. Prepare

First, prepare yourself and your balls by washing thoroughly with mild soap and warm water and dry them with a clean towel. It will be easier to insert them if you rub some lubricant on them. Put some lubricant on your vaginal opening too, as that will make it more pleasurable. Water-based lubricants are always a better choice. Keep in mind that your muscles are trying to keep the balls in and if you use too much lubricant it will be easier for them to fall out. After trying a few times you will find the right amount that works for you.

          2. Insert

Lie down, or find any other position that feels comfortable and slowly insert ball in your vagina about 2 centimeters deep. If you feel that it will fall out or can even see ball outside your vagina, push it deeper. Be careful to always keep removal string outside the vagina. If you are using multiple balls, push first one deeper and slowly insert the second one just as you did with the first one. If you have balls without string, insertion is the same, just don’t go too deep.

          3. Use

Using them is pretty much the same as doing Kegel exercises. You want to contract your muscles for 5 seconds, release for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. If this is challenging for you, reduce repetitions to an amount that is comfortable. And if it’s not challenging enough you can always add more repetitions. There is another way of using them and it’s even simpler than doing Kegels. The trick is to go on with your day and move as much as possible. While moving around gravity will pull the ball downwards and your muscles will automatically contract to try and keep it in. The more you practice, the easier will be to move around with them.

          4. Remove

When you are done with a workout, lie down, add more lubricant to the vaginal opening, grab removal string and slowly pull ball (or balls) out. If you are using ball without string you will want to stand in squat position and squeeze vaginal muscles until they slide out. Don’t panic if the balls don’t come out right away as panicking will just clench your muscles. Just relax, add more lube and squeeze your muscles. You can even jump around and they will slide out.

          5. Clean and store

Kegel balls, like any other sex toy, needs to be cleaned after every use. There are many solutions made for cleaning but water and soap work great too. Wash them with mild soap and warm water and dry them thoroughly with a clean towel. If you can, let them air dry for an hour or two. Once they are dry, store them in their own case. It is really important to clean them every time to prevent the appearance of bacteria. You can read more on Materials and Care.

Even thought Kegel balls are not regular sex toy they can be used as one.

A good one, too. You can use them to play with yourself or to play with your partner.

For solo sexual pleasure, you can move balls inside as you would with a vibrator. While that is pretty pleasurable you might find that leaving them inside while exploring your erogenous zones or rubbing your clitoris is even more pleasurable. Contracting those muscles when you are horny is a real bliss. If you want to try them in public, they can be just your sexy secret when you commute or maybe when you try to have a presentation in front of your colleagues.

If you want to use them with a partner, here’s a great idea. Let your SO slowly put them in before you go out. That way you can have a fun little secret and always growing desire to go home and finish what you have started. The longer they stay in, the more excited you’ll be when the time comes for penetration. Another great thing is that they do not have to be used for foreplay alone, but can also be added to intercourse. This means you can leave them in while your partner slowly penetrates in you. Using them this way should be slow and in your most comfortable position.

Kegel balls can also make anal sex more pleasurable. This works in a way that anal penetration pushes the ball against your G-spot and thus adding even more ecstasy to your sex.

We prepared simple infographic for you to have. Save it, share it, use it! Click on it to enlarge.

Spices of Lust - Kegel Balls - How To Guide - Infographic

With so many benefits and uses these fun little balls have found a place in my bedroom, how about you?

Do you know any other way to use Kegel balls to increase sexual pleasure?

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