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As you already know, Kegel exercises, or Kegels, as they are commonly known, have many benefits not only for your health but also for your sexual life.

Pelvic floor muscles in women can get weakened by constipation, aging and gaining weight, but what weakens them the most is pregnancy and childbirth. Doing Kegel exercises regularly throughout life helps you to strengthen your vaginal muscles, which leads to easier childbirth. Strengthening those muscles during pregnancy and after childbirth will help you to recover faster. That’s another reason to start doing it.

Let’s start with locating your pelvic floor muscles.

Try to stop urinating mid-flow. You will feel the contraction of pelvic floor muscles. An important thing to know is that you should use this action ONLY for finding the right muscles as doing Kegel exercises during urination and with a full bladder can lead to UTI (urinary tract infection). Another way to locate this muscle is to pretend you are trying to avoid passing gas.


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When you locate the right muscles, you are ready to go.

This is how you do your Kegels:

1. Make sure that your bladder is empty before you start
2. Choose your position – It is better for beginners to lie down on the back until you get the hang of it. Then you can practice sitting or standing.
3. Don’t forget to breathe – you want to breathe normally during exercises
4. Exercise to contract and release technique:
Contract your muscles for 5 second
Release your muscles for 5 seconds
Repeat 10 times
5. Try not to contract surrounding muscles – such as buttock, leg or abdominal
6. Try to slowly increase the length of contracting and releasing to up to 10 seconds
7. Try to exercise 3-4 times a day – the best thing about Kegels is that you can do them anywhere, anytime, and no one has to know you are doing them
8. Switch it up – adding some diversification to your exercise, try doing short, 2 seconds contractions and releases, as opposed to longer ones

We prepared simple infographic for you to have. Save it, share it, use it! Click on it to enlarge.

Spices of Lust - Kegels for women - How to guide - Infographic


These easy exercises can do so much for your sexual health – getting you tighter, increasing your odds to reach vaginal orgasm, tightening muscle that contracts during orgasm (pubococcygeal muscle). They can even help you reach multiple orgasms, and they only take a few minutes.

If you want to go a little further with your exercises, you can add Kegel balls to your routine. Here you can read more about Kegel balls.

Are you ready to try Kegels? Let us know what you taught about them.

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