RECOMMENDATION – Amanda Oleander

RECOMMENDATION – Amanda Oleander

Everyday romantic and not so romantic situations.

Amanda Oleander is an artist from Los Angeles. She draws simple and everyday situations in her life. She loves to draw situations with her love. This social media page is romantic, fun and relatable.

She is illustrating a life behind closed doors – as she says.

Some of her drawings are really touching, especially when you read captions.

Some of it is sexy, while some of it is plain romantic. Something we can all relate to as we all have sexy days and just hug me and be here days.

What cracks me up is that she is realistic in her work, not hiding an “ugly” part of life and relationship.

Another thing that says a lot about her art is that when you check her webpage, almost every drawing is sold out.


Spices Of Lust - Amanda Oleander -Pizza in bed


Spices Of Lust - Amanda Oleander -Picnic


Spices Of Lust - Amanda Oleander - Brushing teeth(Taken from Instagram page)

Amanda Oleander Instagram page 

Amanda Oleander Facebook page

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