RECOMMENDATION – Petites Luxures

RECOMMENDATION – Petites Luxures

Our recommendation for today is an Instagram and Tumblr page, named Petites Luxures.

You can find links to their pages below this short article. But watch out, this page is NSFW!

The artist kept his anonymity for a long period of time, but, as usual, someone wanted to take credit for his work, so as a result, he decided to put the name behind his work. He is a French guy living near Paris, his name is Simon.

Simon uses materials as simple as his art is – paper, pen, and brain as he says. The everyday world is his inspiration, from the objects that surround us to the situations we experience. His art is simple, erotic, wild and imaginative and what makes it even better, are witty captions he uses to describe it.

His Instagram page counts around 1 million followers now, go and check out why is that so!

Some of his art (that was taken from his Instagram page):

Petites Luxures - Spices of Lust - Review - Just do eat


PETITES LUXURES - Spices of Lust - Review


PETITES LUXURES - Spices of Lust - Review

Do you like Simon’s art? Do you know any other similar artist you would suggest? Let us know!


Petites Luxures Tumblr

Petites Luxures Instagram

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