Today recommendation is a little bit different, it’s not about art, it’s about women’s health.

Sustain Natural is a brand producing vagina friendly products such as tampons, liners, pads, condoms, and wipes. They’re organic, vegan and part of Non-GMO project. We also noticed ” Cruelty-free and vegan” logo on their site. This means that their products and raw materials used have not been tested and do not contain any animal ingredients or animal by-products.

Big thumbs up for that!

Their Instagram page is much more than a place where they advertise their products, it is full of educational information about women’s sexual and reproductive health accompanied by cute and funny pictures.


Spices of Lust - Recommendation - Sustain - But first, orgasm - Copy


Spices of Lust - Recommendation - Sustain - Protect yourself, protect the planet - Copy


Spices of Lust - Recommendation - Sustain - Make yourself feel good and teach your partner (Taken from Sustain Instagram page)

We definitely suggest their page to get your daily dose of healthy information! Share it on social media!

Sustain Instagram

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