REMOTE INTIMACY – Overcoming The Distance Problem

REMOTE INTIMACY – Overcoming The Distance Problem

Did you know that 40% of long-distance relationships fail in the average of 4 months?

And it is not because of the distance, it is because they did not plan for the changes. One thing that was completely not possible in the past was the ability to be intimate with your partner on a long distance. Well, now, that is possible.

Emma Yann Zhang, a Postgraduate Researcher at City University of London, said: ”Making regular physical contact is essential for maintaining closeness and intimacy in a human relationship.” . It is a part of speech she gave while presenting her device for overcoming long distance intimacy problem, which we’ll cover a little bit later. The hard truth about today’s world is that often, we are forced to long distance relationships. Mostly work, but also other factors prevent us from seeing and being intimate with our partner as we wish, which in the end can lead to break up.

Until now, technology has given us lots of ways to connect with our loving ones. We can send messages, we can call each other or we can launch a  video call. It’s still a lot more than people could do before, but these types of communication fulfill only two of our senses: sight and hearing.

Let’s go further forward and see what is out there that could satisfy our touch sense.


We’ll start with short list of some companies and products we found that are helping couples to overcome long distance in a relationship.

  • Kiroo
  • Vibease
  • Kissenger & Teletongue
  • Pillowtalk
  • Parihug



It is an interactive sex toy company, that, as they say, give you the ability to feel your lover and interact with digital video content in a whole new way. In their product range, you can find toys for him, toys for her and toys for couples which we’ll shortly cover now.

For men, they offer interactive vibrating mastrubators and interactive strokers while, for women, you can get two types of vibrators. Now, you can combine any one you want together, even same-sex lovers can connect two of the same products. In short, when vibrator is inserted into the body, it’s touch sensors signal the male toy, mimicking intercourse in real-time. Additionally, you can use touchpad to further increase the pleasure. Not only you can connect with your partner’s toy, you can also use web camera or VR set.

Interesting fact, this and similar products can also interact with adult movies, both male and female toys.

Spices of Lust - remote intimacy - kiiroo remote


Similar to KIROO, only they offer ”smart” vibrators and give you the ability to be intimate and play with your partner from anywhere in the world. By using your smartphone you can be intimate with your other half. You can text and video talk and also control vibrator simultaneously, or your partner can do that for you.

Allegedly, their vibrator can be comfortably worn in your undergarments, so playing is not limited only to bed. You could also do it outside.

Spices of Lust - Remote Intimacy - Vibease


We’ll cover this two together as they are still in the project phase. Both of these are long-distance kissing devices, slightly different, but both of them doing the same thing, sending a kiss to your loved one.

Kissenger sends a kiss to your loved one, using high precision force sensors to measure dynamic forces at different parts of your lips during a kiss. Data is sent to your phone and then to your partner phone. Miniature linear actuators are used to reproduce these forces on your partner’s lips. Take a look at the picture, it’s pretty straightforward.

Spices of Lust - remote intimacy - Kissenger

Teletongue works differently. Briefly, it’s made out of two lollipops that allow partners to give oral pleasure to each while miles apart. One device records the partners licking sounds and tongue movements, while the other makes them into vibrations inside the other partner’s mouth. Sounds interesting, while this is still in production, take a look at how it looks.

Spices of Lust - remote intimacy - Teletongue


Another interesting concept, this one connects two pillows together. If you are far from each other, you can feel each other’s heartbeats in your pillow.

You get a wristband you wear and a small speaker you place under your pillow. Wristband records your heartbeat in real-time and sends it to your better half’s speaker.  You can hear the heartbeat of your loved one, where they are!

Spices of Lust - Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk – Official Website


As you may already guessed from the product name, Parihug sends hugs to anywhere in the world.

Pari is the name of their toy – your huggable friend and he, or it, is always connected to other Pari. They work in a way that if you hug your Pari, the other one will ”purr” so the other person holding Pari knows he/she is being hugged. If both of the persons hug their Pari at the same time, they will feel each other’s heartbeats. It is compatible with fitness wristbands like fitbit or with Apple Watch. Don’t worry if you don’t own one, Pari will try and guess your heartbeat.

Pari is easy to set up, it is safe and it is very convenient to travel with.

Spices of Lust - Parii hug


Now, I’d like you to take a look at this infographic made by FUTURE OF SEX. It’s a brief insight in what we could expect in the following years. Click on it to enlarge!

Spices of Lust - Remote intimacy predictions(All photos were taken from official product websites)


We have to say that this are not the only products there are, but should give you the idea of what is available to you.

Most of this technology is still in it’s beginning stages and we think that in the following decades products are going to get more realistic and emotions they are trying to transmit are going to be more intense. Bringing the whole remote experience to another level. This year and the years to come are going to bring us some really exciting innovations from which we can all benefit. Especially those who face intimacy and sexual challenges due to distance or/and any other obstacle.

We are getting close to an era where technology is not going to isolate us, but more likely to bring us closer together.

What is your opinion on the topic, would you use those? We’d be glad to hear back from you. You can also share it on social media.

Let’s get this conversation started.

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