Simple Ideas For Romantic Surprise

Simple Ideas For Romantic Surprise

This week’s coffee break will give you some simple romantic ideas for how to surprise your partner.

Candles and rose petals

This one is a classic to create a romantic atmosphere. You will need to light some candles across the room. Don’t put too much, just enough to be able to see. Then get some rose petals, put some on the floor and some on the bed. Put some light music on and wait for your partner to come home. Perfect mood for cuddling and some sexy time.

Bubble bath

It’s known that ladies love to enjoy a bubble bath. But even if they won’t admit it – guys love it too. And it’s so simple to do. Just get some bath salt or a little bit of essential oil (don’t put a lot because it will irritate your skin), create some bubbles, put few candles to create the mood and grab two glasses of wine. The only thing left to do is invite your partner to join you and enjoy relaxation.


Everyone loves massage. You don’t have to be an expert to do it. Put a fresh sheet on a bed or on a table. You can also use some candles for mood. You will need some oil to make the massage more comfortable. Look online for some simple massage moves and you are ready to go. Soon we will write more on massages.

These ideas are simple and easy to do and I can guarantee you that your partner will enjoy them.

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